Meeting Agenda – Wed 27th July

Mark Rhodes (MVP) – Senior Consultant – OBS   [Brisbane]

Knock Knock, Who’s There? SharePoint 2010 Authentication Explained

Classic or Claims? NTLM or Kerberos? When configuring SharePoint 2010 authentication there are a plethora of options which can make decisions difficult and can lead to problems with your deployment.

In this session Mark will talk about the various options available for authentication with SharePoint 2010, and the best choices to make to ensure a healthy and secure SharePoint deployment.

This session is aimed at all audiences, and will be taking a “from the ground up” approach to explaining how authentication works that will be of value to anyone implementing SharePoint 2010.

Brian Farnhill (MVP) – Solutions Architect – Extelligent Design   [Canberra]

Developing Advanced User Experience in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 brings a lot to the table in the way of improved user experience, so as developers it’s time to step our game up and start taking advantage of all the great new ways we can build our own user experiences.

In this session Brian will be taking a very technical deep dive in to how to create all those bells and whistles that can make your custom components shine, covering topics such as custom ribbon controls, context sensitive web part ribbon integration, the client and server side object models and how all of these can be tied together to make something incredible.

Click here to register (RSVP)


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