Thanks MOSSIG !

Thanks to everyone that came along last night for the final MOSSIG user group – was great to look back on the last 5 years – and what has transpired since.

MOSSIG was born in the MOSS-2007 era – with the first meeting on June 23rd, 2006.  

We are now ‘beginning again’ – with the new MSPUG user group.

Last night we had TWO great sessions – with Brian Farnhill’s ShareTube site – and Mark Rhodes’s session about authentication.

Brian showed us some great custom code for adding to the ribbon, and custom funky webparts with accordians – and even image processing to determine a thumbnail image.

Also, there was some search components, to show video clips with similar metadata.

** Brian is in the process of moving his blog/website – we’ll post the links when he’s done.

Lots of great information from Mark Rhodes also – and some good laughs/fun.

I’ve never before seen “audience participation” & role-play to display the key-token passing to explain Kerberos – as well as Mexican Birth Certificate as entry for a nightclub.

IMG_0724 IMG_0726 IMG_0727 IMG_0728

Make sure you get along to SharePoint Saturday Sydney next weekend – to see Mark’s session in full…

Lots of great information this evening – and a great time had by all.

We even had a prize draw – with a new WESTERN DIGITAL “LIVE” device as the door prize.   And, we retreated to the pub for some SharePint fun & further chat.

That’s what the new MSPUG is all about !

** Make sure you sign-up to our mailing list – to be in the running for ANOTHER prize – to be drawn at the next MSPUG meeting.  This time – it’s a 1 TB WD LIVE “HUB”

See you there !



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