MSPUG starts now…

Tonight is the first dose of MSPUG – Melbourne SharePoint User Group.   This is the first meeting that is no longer MOSSIG (!).

To celebrate – we have a prize draw – for those that have signed up to the MSPUG newsletter – if you haven’t – click on the bug purple arrow on the right ….>

The prize is a WESTERN DIGITAL LIVE HUB – which has a 1TB drive – this unit sounds awesome – I only wish *I* could win it…

But – YOU can – if you subscribe, and you’re in attendance at tonight’s meeting.

We have a mixed bag of presentations & discussions at the meeting – with some quick overviews, a feature presentation – and then a discussion panel :


A number of our usergroup members will give an intro into their Tech-Ed presentations including,

We’ll spend some time discussing these presentations and ask the audience to help us pick some future topics we will cover in the monthly meetings.


Create a flashy news scroller without even thinking about using flash

Jonathan Grasso, Stargate Group

A brief overview on how to create a news scroller/fader for sharepoint.

Functionality includes: automatically cycle between news items on a time. Hover on a news article to skip to it directly, or simply hover on the news itself to pause the and read the article

Easy implementation – only uses one webpart, one sharepoint list, and a custom css and jquery file.

In this presentation I will go over the steps taken to create the news scroller in sharepoint, including the trials and pitfalls associated.  Also, I will be briefly mentioning the required technologies: jquery, css, html, dataviews and sharepoint lists.


The Gruen Transfer – SharePoint Designs that Rock

Design Panel Members

We’ll go through a number of award winning intranet & website designs that have been done using SharePoint & rate the good & bad.


Sounds like some great content – and a good opportunity to meet up with some SharePoint peers & buddies – and – you can win a prize !

** Make sure to sign-up for the newsletter – and to RSVP for tonight’s meeting – to assist with the catering details.

See you there !



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