MSPUG September

Last night, Melbourne had a torrent coming down rather quickly (no, not BitTorrent – RAIN) – and so we had a less-than-normal turnout for the regular meeting.

We had 15 people in total – who came along to see Roger Noble from LobsterPot – who is actually a “SQL guy” – bringing some interest concepts about SharePoint.

His session was about taxonomy and folksonomy – and he covered these concepts in brief – talking about Managed MetaData – and Term Sets, etc – and a quick demo.

Then – he opened up Visual Studio – and opened an SSIS package project – WTF !?

SQL Server Integration Services – and SharePoint ??

This is where all the SharePoint folk sat up and took notice :

  • Create a package (SSIS) – pointing to a folder on disk (C:\DOCUMENTS)
  • Process each DOCX file – using OpenXML
  • Extract out the NOUNS and NOUN PHRASES – and score (count of terms)
  • Save these into a database (SQL)
  • For the top items, create MMS TermSet entries – using some SSIS .NET code (C#)
  • Upload the documents – and tag accordingly – from the terms within the document

This is a brilliant solution – using a SQL Server concept of “Extract, Transform & Load” – but instead :

  • Extract terms – metadata from within DOCX files
  • Transform these into Managed MetaData term sets
  • Load the DOCX files to a SharePoint document library

Thanks Roger for the session – was great to see a different perspective on SharePoint – from the SQL Server direction.

Click here to see details about his session – from when he presented at SharePoint Saturday Adelaide.

Hopefully, we’ll see him back at MSPUG sometime soon – thanks again, Roger !



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