Christmas Party

The Christmas crazies are upon us – with parties, decorations, carols and Santa’s everywhere.  I’m sure everyone is busy (BUSY !) trying to finish off projects & work before the end-of-the-year.

The Melbourne SharePoint User Group normally has a meeting on the 4th Wednesday of each month – which would be between Christmas and New Year (!)

Suffice to say, we’ve had to re-schedule our usual meeting – and so the new date is Wednesday 14th December – next Wednesday !

In case you missed the newsletter, here’s a run-down of our meeting – will be a great ‘party’ session – don’t miss out.

** And, we’ll have food, beer – and door prizes – so make sure you RSVP – and we’ll see you there…!


What happened to 2011 ???
Chris O’Connor will present a retrospective of the past year, and what we’ve seen within the SharePoint ecosystem – and our user group. We saw the demise of MOSSIG, and the birth of MSPUG – and continued to have some great sessions & speakers.

Focus Groups
In a totally different direction for MSPUG, we’re ditching the main presentation room and splitting into TWO meeting rooms – for some presenter-led discussion forum sessions.
The idea is to have some open-forum Q&A, about the two specific topics – so bring your questions, and thoughts and ideas – and join us for a chat.

Focus Group 1 : What’s next for Office 365
Ben Walters (Microsoft) and Elaine van Bergen (OBS) will lead some discussion around the bits & pieces that have transpired for Office 365 during the year, including the beta, and launch – and the MOSSIG cloud party – as well as what’s next for the platform – looking into 2012.

Focus Group 2 : What’s next for SharePoint
Tim Wragg and Chris O’Connor will lead some discussion about the SharePoint platform, now that “2010” has matured, and many (most?) people are using it – and we’ve also seen the release of Service Pack 1. We can chat about what’s to come in 2012 – what do you expect to be doing this time next year?

Business Intelligence is high on the agenda these days, with the imminent release of Denali (SQL 2012), and PowerPivot – as well as newer web technologies such as HTML5, and jQuery – and the vNext SharePoint platform likely to arrive sometime in 2012. What do you want to see in vNext? What features are you looking forward to? Come along for an open beer-and-chat session.


We’ll also talk through some plans and ideas for 2012 – for MSPUG – including the Australian SharePoint Conference – which will be in MELBOURNE this year !


See you at the Christmas party – make sure you RSVP !


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