Merry Christmas from MSPUG

Thanks everyone who came along for the Christmas Party at the Melbourne SharePoint User Group – was a good night…!

We kicked off with a truckload of pizza’s – really NICE pizza’s actually – thanks a lot to K2 for their generous support on the night – and throughout 2011.

As for the user group “sessions” – it was a little different this month.

We had a retrospective looking back at 2011 – amazing to see all that happened through the year – including floods, earthquakes, royal weddings – and Ricky Nixon – and Charlie Sheen !

Of course, it was a big year for our user group – splitting away from the business user stream – and the demise of MOSSIG – with the birth of MSPUG – and lots of great sessions – and SharePoint Saturday (in October).

But – the best part of the Christmas Party was actually the break-and-chat session – was great to talk around the room about each-and-everyone’s perspective on SharePoint – and interesting to hear that some folk are relatively new to the platform – lots more learning ahead !

And of course – we had a prize draw – wahoo ! 

We actually had a choice of prizes :

  • Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition – 180 Day Trial
  • Windows Vista Beta 2 Customer Preview
  • Sony Bloggie HD video camera


Smile   LOL !!

And of course – the winner chose the CAMERA !

Congrats to HELEN – hope you get some great Christmas video/pics.

Thanks also to KAREN from AvePoint – for all the support through the year – and providing the prize for our Christmas Party.


Thanks once again to all that came along – and for our sponsors throughout the year.

Hope all MSPUG members have a great Christmas – eat, drink and be merry !

And – a safe and prosperous New Year – see you again in 2012…


Chris, Elaine & Tim    [MSPUG board]


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