Wrap-up from May meeting

Thanks to small gang of brave people that ventured out into the wintery night on Wednesday to come along to the latest #MSPUG meeting.

I’m guessing that a lot of people are simply waiting to see what the NEW SharePoint platform will look like.   Over the next few months – maybe as early as June 11 (TechEd USA), we’ll (hopefully) get to see what the MVP’s and other NDA folk have been fiddling with for a few months.

The SharePoint vNext ‘beta’ is expected soon – and MSPUG will start to plan out some great topics & show-n-tell – as well as a launch party, as we did with SharePoint 2010, and Office 365 (cloud party).

But – for now, we’re looking at more-and-more bits & pieces around SharePoint 2010, which won’t be going away anytime soon.

As for the May meeting, we had two sessions :

10 things you can do to optimize SharePoint performance

Aiden Clarke from Riverbed showed us a lot of great insights into web page loads times, latency, and bandwidth issues – and the ins-and-outs of how a web page is loaded.

With lots of great arm-waving, and running around the room, Aiden covered a lot with regard to what you can do to the design of your page, and some products & technologies from Riverbed that can help speed up the user experience – for public sites, WANs, extranets – and not just SharePoint of course.

He’s provided us the slides from his session – well worth having a look (link below).

HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery with SharePoint 2010

Chris O’Connor from OBS showed some technical bits & pieces around HTML5 + CSS3, and the new tags & elements – and the potential browser issues you might face.  Additionally, the use of jQuery can provide for some client-side funkiness & cleverness – with regard to SharePoint pages (the HTML within the browser).

We saw a few demo’s and samples including XSLT, and then using REST web services (WCF data layer) – and the JSON data being returned – and how you can format this for the page using jQuery templates.

Lastly, Chris showed the SPServices web services, using jQuery to call and do an update, using client side code/JavaScript.

** This session was a re-do from the Australian SharePoint Conference – click here to see.


The slides & demo’s from the meeting have been uploaded here : MSPUG SkyDrive


The next meeting will be on Wed. June 27th – we’re planning speakers & topics – so if there’s something you’d like to see, pls. let us know !    (leave a comment below)



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