Updates from MSPUG (September)

Sorry for the lack of updates – I blame the bad winter weather – or maybe it’s because of the carbon tax…?      LOL !

MSPUG has been kicking along nicely, with a few great meetings – including the full day SharePoint Saturday back in July.   We had over 100 people – with a variety of topics & sessions about all aspects of SharePoint.

We got to see a keynote overview about SharePoint 2013, Project 2013 – and Office 365, using the new SharePoint platform.

And – we’re starting to get into the depths with 2013 – at our regular MSPUG meetings.

August Meeting

Just last month (August) – we had Aaron Dinnage from OBS show a brief intro about “what developers need to know” – and also Ben Walters from Microsoft – showing off the revised Wave-2013 with Office 365.     [Aaron’s slide deck is here – MSPUG August Meeting Slides]

September Meeting

With the SharePoint 2010 platform “not going away”, it’s great to see some more about what you can do today.  Chaitu Madala showed a LOT about Search – entitled “Get the most out of Search in SharePoint 2010”.  His session covered customizing and optimizing the OOTB webparts – Search Core, XSLT, etc.   And – managing crawling & custom properties – and much more.   The topic is soooo big – lots to cover.   Thanks Chaitu !

The slide deck from the session have been uploaded to our SkyDrive – MSPUG September Meeting Slides.

Elaine van Bergen then showed a session about “Upgrading your SharePoint environment”.  There are many approaches to upgrades, the simple message being to “take your time” – plan, test, re-test, re-test again – and then manage.

** If you’d like to get ahold of the slides for Elaine’s session, please email her directly, or discuss with her at the next MSPUG.

Another great MSPUG – with some great discussions and (hopefully) some help for a few people.

To October… and beyond !

The MSPUG team are gearing up for the last few meetings of 2012, with some more deep-dive sessions in October and November – and then a more informal “Christmas Party” for the December meeting.

The next newsletter will be hitting your InBox’s soon – hope to see you at MSPUG on Wed.October 24th.



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