MSPUG October Meeting

(1) Driving user adoption with high fidelity SharePoint search.
Nalaka Withanage (Avepod)

A successful metadata strategy consists of identifying the tools and processes that will enable the organization to automatically and accurately assign metadata to the content being indexed so that the content can later be found and acted upon. Manual metadata assignment is time consuming and prone to inconsistency.

The aim of this session is to show how automated metadata extraction and content classification is transforming the way we go about solving the classic SharePoint metadata challenge to provide high quality content search experience and its industry best practices.
(2) SharePoint Business Continuity Management.
Nathan Gropman, (HP) , SharePoint MCM

In this session, we will cover ways to architect SharePoint for high availability and recovery from system or data loss. 

The session will cover BCM techniques from the Recycle Bin to SQL Server 2012 High Availability Groups.

*** Please RSVP if you plan to attend the meeting – October 24th.


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