August Meeting

Thanks to the (small) group of people that came along to MSPUG last night.

The slides + samples have been loaded onto our SkyDrive site :

August 28th Meeting

Just for those that didn’t make it along – the sessions were :

  • Testing SharePoint Apps with Visual Studio (Stefano Tempesta)
  • PowerShell For Developers (Chris O’Connor)

Hope to see you next month – meeting date will be Wed.September 25th…


2 thoughts on “August Meeting

  1. Thank you Chris,

    It was an informative night.
    I may have one piece of code that you can add to your collection. This sets all sites to AU without having to use the list of sites you showed on the night.


    Not sure how WordPress is going to change this

    $site = Get-SPSite(“”)
    $webs = $site.AllWebs
    foreach ($web in $webs) {
    ##Write-Host $web.Url
    Write-Host $web.Url

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