Final update from MSPUG

Greetings MSPUG’ers,

Happy New Year ! Can we still say that ? Even though we’re into FEBRUARY already ? Hopefully you had a good Christmas break, and are flat-chat already for 2015.

In case you hadn’t seen or heard the news from late last year, we’re merging the Melbourne SharePoint User Group (MSPUG) and the Melbourne Office 365 User Group (MO365UG) – in line with the moving market trends, and activity from Microsoft.

This doesn’t mean SharePoint is going away any time soon – and we’ll still have some great sessions and content about SharePoint, and Office – as well as code bits & pieces for developers.

We’ll also start to see & learn more about the expanding Office365 platform – including Lync & Exchange, and the ‘hybrid’ scenarios that we’ll start to see evolving over the coming months.

So – MSPUG as a ‘title’ is being retired – but bigger and better for 2015 as MO365UG.

Thanks to everyone for the great support over the years – and hopefully we’ll see you all at the next MO365UG meeting.

The good news – aside from lots of great content – is that we’re retaining the “4th Wednesday of each month” meeting timeslot – beginning with WED. Feb 25th.

This should mean an easy transition for those who regularly attend – we’ve managed to keep the same day/date for over EIGHT years – since MOSSIG first began, with the beta of SharePoint 2007, with our first meeting in mid-2006.

The other change to be aware of, is how to receive notifications + newsletter. We’ll now be using “meetup” instead of “eventbrite” , so you’ll need to register HERE – and you’ll be notified of the next meeting.

Here’s a link to the first meeting for 2015 – Wednesday Feb 25th – over at the site.

Looking forward to seeing you at the all-new MO365UG – and thanks again for being such great supporters of MSPUG + MOSSIG (prior to that).


    Chris, Elaine & Nate

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