Final update from MSPUG

Greetings MSPUG’ers,

Happy New Year ! Can we still say that ? Even though we’re into FEBRUARY already ? Hopefully you had a good Christmas break, and are flat-chat already for 2015.

In case you hadn’t seen or heard the news from late last year, we’re merging the Melbourne SharePoint User Group (MSPUG) and the Melbourne Office 365 User Group (MO365UG) – in line with the moving market trends, and activity from Microsoft.

This doesn’t mean SharePoint is going away any time soon – and we’ll still have some great sessions and content about SharePoint, and Office – as well as code bits & pieces for developers.

We’ll also start to see & learn more about the expanding Office365 platform – including Lync & Exchange, and the ‘hybrid’ scenarios that we’ll start to see evolving over the coming months.

So – MSPUG as a ‘title’ is being retired – but bigger and better for 2015 as MO365UG.

Thanks to everyone for the great support over the years – and hopefully we’ll see you all at the next MO365UG meeting.

The good news – aside from lots of great content – is that we’re retaining the “4th Wednesday of each month” meeting timeslot – beginning with WED. Feb 25th.

This should mean an easy transition for those who regularly attend – we’ve managed to keep the same day/date for over EIGHT years – since MOSSIG first began, with the beta of SharePoint 2007, with our first meeting in mid-2006.

The other change to be aware of, is how to receive notifications + newsletter. We’ll now be using “meetup” instead of “eventbrite” , so you’ll need to register HERE – and you’ll be notified of the next meeting.

Here’s a link to the first meeting for 2015 – Wednesday Feb 25th – over at the site.

Looking forward to seeing you at the all-new MO365UG – and thanks again for being such great supporters of MSPUG + MOSSIG (prior to that).


    Chris, Elaine & Nate

Next Meeting – November 26

The next group meeting is being held in a few weeks from now – WEDNESDAY Nov. 26th.

We’re finalising speaker and will email the group shortly.

If you’re not on the mailing list – click the big purple REGISTER-> button above.

Beyond November, we’re considering an Xmas party – possibly for Wednesday Dec.17th.

(and we’ll have a break in January – with the next meeting on February 25th – 2015 !)

Meeting dates :

  • November 26th
  • December 17th (tentative)
  • January – no meeting
  • February 25th (2015)

October Meeting

Building SharePoint Apps with AngularJS

Ahmed Elharouny – Readify

In this presentation, we will discuss how to develop a SharePoint 2013 app using AngularJS as a Single Page App and how to leverage AngularJS to keep your code nicely separated and well organized

We shall also learn how to use RequireJS to manage your script dependencies and optimize and bundle your scripts, how to setup your app to have the same look and feel as a SharePoint site and how to write unit tests for your JavaScript components.

Presentation Agenda :

  • Introduction
  • App Model Overview
  • Design of your App
  • Demonstration
  • Questions

Click here to RSVP

June Meeting 2014

BCS – Uncovering the Mysteries

Marat Bakirov – Readify

Business Connectivity Services is a very good idea that appeared rather simple – a transparent view of the other data that are not stored in the Sharepoint, though it looks like. First version called Business Data Catalog was rather simple and provided read-only access to data. This evolved in Sharepoint 2010 with read write support, and now has evolved even more in SharePoint 2013 with additional features.

However, people often meet some complex problems. A few examples – a limit of the number of items you could return from a single operation in a list or in an external picker. One of these limits is tweakable to some extent, and another is hard-coded. After that people often stop considering the technology, despite there is a simple redesign of your model that would solve the problems.

In this talk, we will try to make an overview of the components that are contained in the Business Connectivity Services, will try to describe key notions like filters, associations, and providers. Then we will discuss the possible implementation of the data providers that you could implement yourself.

After that, we will discuss the new functionality in SharePoint 2013, such as ODATA provider, an ability to have an app-scoped external type, events, and other enhancements.

The author has a wide experience of working with BCS, including developing custom providers, connecting to Oracle and working with BCS on the client side.


Next meeting – May 28th

Last month’s Q&A discussion was great – thanks to all those that came, and participated (don’t worry we’ll do another one soon !)

This month we return back to the standard meeting with 2 presentations from Oscar and Nathan, from Avanade.

Hope to see you there on May 28th – don’t forget to RSVP – to win another JB HiFi voucher.

This month’s presentations are :

Configuring Cross-Site Publishing in SharePoint Online

Oscar Siauw – Avanade Australia

Cross-site publishing allows users to create and maintain content in one or more authoring site collections, and publish the content across one or more publishing site collections.

It is made possible by leveraging on the search capabilities of SharePoint and the new Search Web Parts.

Workflow Options in SharePoint 2013

Nate Gropman – Avanade Australia

Workflow has been a big part of SharePoint since 2007, providing services ranging from Publishing Approval to business process orchestration.

Since the release in 2007, there hasn’t been a lot of changes to the Workflow services, until now.

In this presentation we will discuss the Workflow services available in SharePoint 2013.

MSPUG – It’s all about you !

We’ve had some great meetings this year with a heap of new attendee’s and so far the feedback we have received is that people get the most benefit from the questions and answers and discussions that occur as part of the night.

So this month we thought we would give a different format a try instead of formal presentations we will have a panel of experts there ready to answer your questions.

We have a few starter questions ready to get the discussion going however we would really like everyone to bring along some questions to throw out at the panel.

If you’re a bit shy to ask them in person you can send them via twitter too or via our linked in group here.

Also please feel to send any requests for future meeting topics or formats that way as well.

One of the interesting items we will discuss further on the night is the temporary recall of SP1 for SharePoint 2013.

If any of you have it already installed it’s not something to panic about but certainly has caused a lot of discussion in the community, more information here on which downloads are impacted.

We would love to see you at this month’s meeting, if you can make it along – please register your attendance as this helps us plan the catering – plus – it also means you get entered into the JB HiFi gift voucher draw for the month.

As always a big thanks to our sponsors for those !

Hope you have a great Easter long weekend – and we’ll see you next Wednesday !


Presentation material from March 2014 meeting

Thanks to everyone that cam along for the user group session last night – we had a great turn-out !

The slides as shown by Elaine van Bergen, about the SharePoint Conference, contained a LOT of hyperlinks to videos and samples – this deck has been loaded onto our SkyDrive OneDrive folder.

As always – please let us know if there are certain topics you’d like to see as a session – OR – if you’d like present at MSPUG.

Send us an email :

Thanks again for a great UG meeting – hope to see you next month (Wed. 23rd April).