Presentation from Feb-2014

Thanks again to all that came along to the last Melbourne SharePoint User Group session.

We had Alex Pizarro from FIVEP talking about general SharePoint consulting skills – followed by a great round-room discussion and chit-chat – and THEN – over a dozen people along for a SharePint at the local watering hole.

If you wanted to see the slides again – Alex has kindly provided them (PDF) – and they are available on our SkyDrive.    

NB.  You’ll have to click through to 2014 > 02-Feb.

This month (March) is looking great too – make sure you RSVP to attend – and hear about the recent SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas – as well as Nintex Forms.

See you there on Wednesday night (26th March).

Next Meeting – March 26th

SharePoint Conference Roundup

(for once) What happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas !

Elaine van Bergen from OBS will summarise the major news from the SharePoint conference in Vegas. This will include discussions on the future of InfoPath and the new features released for O365 and on-prem including Oslo.

Nintex Forms with SharePoint 2013

Dan Stoll from Nintex will be sharing with us a customer solution out of NZ that ties in SharePoint 2013’s support for Geolocation, Nintex Forms Offline capability and Nintex Workflow.

Building it from scratch, he will demonstrate the possibilities of the Sharepoint platform with Nintex.

August Meeting

Thanks to the (small) group of people that came along to MSPUG last night.

The slides + samples have been loaded onto our SkyDrive site :

August 28th Meeting

Just for those that didn’t make it along – the sessions were :

  • Testing SharePoint Apps with Visual Studio (Stefano Tempesta)
  • PowerShell For Developers (Chris O’Connor)

Hope to see you next month – meeting date will be Wed.September 25th…

August Newsletter

Since we last met at MSPUG, there has been a new royal baby, a new cricket star (Agar !), and some sad news about Corey Monteith.  

Also – more details about preview versions of Windows 8.1 and the flurry of activity to configure and install it – I’m enjoying it on my Surface RT.

Closer to home, we had the Melbourne SharePoint Saturday event – with a sellout crowd !    We ended up juggling people on a waiting list, after the initial ‘cap’ of 150 tickets sold out in the week beforehand.

The Melbourne SPSat was the highest attended for all of Australia – proof that “SharePoint Rocks !” in Melbourne…

Thanks to everyone for coming along – and giving up your Saturday to hear some great sessions.

This month, we’re back to a standard meeting timeslot – on the 4th Wednesday of the month – August 28th.

This format will continue for the rest of the year – except for December’s Christmas party – more on that towards the end of the year.

And of course, TechEd is happening in early September – we might be able to have some presenters do a show/tell for the following meeting – we’ll have to wait and see.

Hope to see you at the meeting – there’s sure to be a great turn-out, with some new attendees coming along after the success of SharePoint Saturday perhaps.

Make sure you RSVP for the August meeting – see you there !


Chris, Elaine & Tim

New Sponsors

MSPUG is a not-for-profit user-driven group – we don’t even have a bank account – and so we rely on local sponsors to assist with pizza, prizes, drinks or whichever (such as a launch or Christmas party).

Over the last year or so, we’ve had financial support from AvePoint – and K2 – and recently Data Capture Experts – thanks for your support.

We have a new sponsor, with NIGEL FRANK INTERNATIONAL, “The Global Leader in Microsoft Recruitment” providing our pizza for user group meetings.

The local team are really friendly so if you are in need of their assistance let us know and we will put you in touch.

Thanks again for the support from Nigel Frank – allowing us to continue with MSPUG as a free-and-open user group session.

Presentations for August

Testing SharePoint Apps with Visual Studio (Stefano Tempesta)

Whether you are a developer, tester, administrator or analyst, this session can help you master different types of testing in the SharePoint app life cycle by using Visual Studio Test Manager for creating test plans and test suites.

You will learn about creating a Performance Test Plan for simulating actual user loads, and executing automated test cases. The entire process is completely integrated in Visual Studio and TFS for filing and resolving bugs in one single environment.

Among the outcomes of this session, you will see how to generate and read detailed metrics for evaluating quality of the applications and identifying potential improvements.

PowerShell For Developers (Chris O’Connor)

For most developers, it’s often a case of “Add-SPSolution” – and that’s *IT* for PowerShell.

But, once you delve into it some more, there are some very powerful features/functions – when it comes to installing & configuring SharePoint.

This session will show a few useful approaches on setting up a SharePoint farm, including Content DB’s, Site Collections, Features, Branding, Navigation and other fix-ups & tweaks.

SPUser.Busy = true !

Thanks again to everyone that came along to the last Melbourne SharePoint User Group session – we had some great content about AZURE and SEARCH (in 2013).

Check the SkyDrive link for the presentation material.

It’s a busy time for the SharePoint community – I’m currently in Sydney, gearing up for the Australian SharePoint Conference (#AUSPC).   

Congrats to the door prize winners from last month’s user group – HELEN GROSS and DUEY DIEP – we’ll see you there !

The MSPUG crew will have a few presenters.  If you’re attending – make sure you come along and say hello :

Alex Burton :

Chris O’Connor :

Elaine van Bergen :


Aside from AUSPC – the next SharePoint Saturday is happening soon – in BRISBANE this time.    Saturday May 11th – with a call out for speakers – click here to register to present…


And – we’re getting sessions sorted out for the next SharePoint User Group – planning to have a session about SharePoint Development with SP2013 (*MY* session from AUSPC) – and another session about CRM + SharePoint.   

Keep an eye on your InBox for the newsletter – for now, mark your calendar for 24th March…


Feb 2013 – 1st meeting for the year

Thanks to everyone that came along to the session last night – we had a great turn-out – over 40 people in attendance – we ran out of pizza !

Was a very encouraging start to the year – with lots of great discussion & chatter.

The slides from last night will be available on our SkyDrive site – click here.

To re-cap – the sessions were :

SharePoint 2013 – Sneak Peek and App Development (Shailen Sukul)

We will continue our look at new features with another “Sneak Peek” of SharePoint 2013 with Shailen Sukul. Come and learn about what coming in SharePoint 2013, learn about new features and ones which are not supported. We will finish up with a demonstration of a real SharePoint App as well as walk through the SharePoint interface for an on-premise and a cloud installation.

Workflow in SharePoint 2013 (Shyam Narayan)

This session introduces the new workflow architecture in SharePoint 2013. Workflow in SharePoint 2013 has been substantially redesigned from previous versions where workflow is treated as a service by leveraging Workflow Manager 1.0 . It will cover how Workflow Manager integrates with SharePoint and what developers need to be aware of when developing workflows that target the 2013 platform.

*** Thanks to our presenters – hope to see you at the next meeting (March 27th)

MSPUG October Meeting

(1) Driving user adoption with high fidelity SharePoint search.
Nalaka Withanage (Avepod)

A successful metadata strategy consists of identifying the tools and processes that will enable the organization to automatically and accurately assign metadata to the content being indexed so that the content can later be found and acted upon. Manual metadata assignment is time consuming and prone to inconsistency.

The aim of this session is to show how automated metadata extraction and content classification is transforming the way we go about solving the classic SharePoint metadata challenge to provide high quality content search experience and its industry best practices.
(2) SharePoint Business Continuity Management.
Nathan Gropman, (HP) , SharePoint MCM

In this session, we will cover ways to architect SharePoint for high availability and recovery from system or data loss. 

The session will cover BCM techniques from the Recycle Bin to SQL Server 2012 High Availability Groups.

*** Please RSVP if you plan to attend the meeting – October 24th.